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    How to assign/tie a responsibility to a role?

      Hi All,

      I have created an Auditor responsibility from the Application, and want to known how I can assign/tie this responsibility to a role in Workflow.

      What I am trying to accomplish is that I want to send a notification to all the people who have this Auditor responsibility. I was able to load the responsibility from 'Load Roles from Database' in Workflow Builder. However, after I chose this new role to an Attribute value, the notification was send to no one. How can I tie the responsibility to a role?

      Any advise is greatly appreciated!

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          What is the Oracle Applications Release?

          In 11.5.10, if you create a FND User, it is created as user in Workflow Directory Services (WF DS) table WF_LOCAL_ROLES with user_flag as Y. If you create a FND Responsibility it is created as role in WF DS table WF_LOCAL_ROLES with user_flag as N. If you assign a responsibility to a FND user, an entry is created in WF_LOCAL_USER_ROLES which means the workflow user is assigned a workflow role.

          In summary, you really don't have to do anything in Workflow specifically, if you have done creating user, responsibility and assigning resp to users. Now, just send a notification to that Responsibility and it will go to all the users who have that responsibility.

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            In pre-11.5.10 releases too, it works the same way. The only difference is a duplicate entry is not created in WF_LOCAL_ tables but the views WF_ROLES, WF_USERS and WF_USER_ROLES are defined in WF DS to query the records from the base tables.

            You might want to query from these views to see the FND users, resps and their associations are available before using them.

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              Thank you for the response. We are using 11.5.10, and according to your response, the users in that responsibility should have received the notification without any further set up. However, they are not at this time.

              I went to query wf_local_user_roles table, there is not a column called user_flag. I also verify the table info in eTRM, and don't see a column like that. However, I also found a document in Metalink
              and that was talking about the user_flag. Maybe I should log in a SR for this.

              Thanks, LC
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                I believe I have mentioned that user_flag column is part of WF_LOCAL_ROLES table. This is where the FND users and responsibilities are created as Workflow users and roles.

                About directory services

                FND Users will be created with USER_FLAG as Y
                FND Responsibilities will be created with USER_FLAG as N

                In WF_LOCAL_USER_ROLES the associations between users and roles should be created.

                Let us consider following example.

                FND Users: JDOE, BLEWIS, SPIERSON
                FND Responsibility: HR Manager

                SELECT user_flag
                FROM wf_local_roles
                WHERE name in ('JDOE', 'BLEWIS', 'SPIERSON');

                This should return Y for all three users.

                SELECT user_flag
                FROM wf_local_roles
                WHERE display_name = 'HR Manager';

                This should return N for the responsibility.

                SELECT user_name
                FROM wf_local_user_roles
                WHERE role_name IN
                (SELECT name
                FROM wf_local_roles
                WHERE display_name = 'HR Manager');

                should return all the users who are assigned the Resp HR Manager.

                About notifications not being sent

                Failure to send notification to a role could fail for lot more reasons than the entries in WF DS. You may not have set the Performer of the notification activity correctly. If you are looking for e-mail then there are more things to check out w.r.t the e-mail address, mailer's set-up and status etc.

                I suggest you to run $FND_TOP/sql/wfstat.sql for the itemtype and itemkey that you used to launch the workflow and see if there are any errors. Also, you can check out the status of your workflow from the Status Monitor accessible from Self-Service.

                Hope this helps.