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    consuming BC4J REST webservice from java with parameters


      Good day,

      I am doing a ADF Application which contains some REST web service also. Using the Jdeveloper


      I have created a custom method called 'createFinStat()' in the  VOImpl class and expose it as REST service (POST).

      Below is the payload, which is working fine in postman tool



          "name" : "createFinStat",

          "parameters" : [


                  "deptNo" : "30"



                  "secName" : "Finance"



                  "level" : "02"






      But when i am calling from java using`jersey library, I am gettting null point exception.

      Below is the code snippet . Is there anything missing, particularly while passing parameters.

      Please advise.


      Client c = Client.create();

      WebResource r = c.resource(Constants.EntryURL);

      MultivaluedMap reqPayload = new MultivaluedMapImpl();


      String params = "{\"deptno\":\"30\",\"secName\":\"Finance\",\"level\":\"02\"}";


      reqPayload.add( "name", "createFinStat");

      reqPayload.add( "parameters", params);

      ClientResponse resp = r.accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_TYPE).entity(reqPayload,"application/vnd.oracle.adf.action+json").post(ClientResponse.class);