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    calling other concurrent programs from after report trigger on Oracle Strd Report 10


      Good day,


      eBS 12.1.3


      Quick summary of what I'm trying to do......from the Statement Generation (ARXSGPO) After Report Trigger --> call Function in custom package --> call XDOREPPB using fnd_request.submit_request --> return to ARXSGPO  After Report Trigger-> call Function in custom package --> call custom ftp job using fnd_request.submit_request.


      When I called the custom ftp job I couldn't find the *.out file in $APPL_OUT directory.  Initially I thought XDOREPPB wasn't finished yet, so I tried using wait_for_request and discovered that XDOREPPB never actually completes until the calling program ARXSGPO completes.  So I can't access the XDOREPPB output file to copy and ftp.


      Is there a way to force the XDOREPPB to finish when it is called this way?