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    EBS R12.1.3  > /etc/security/limits.conf


      EBS R12.1.3



      Hi ALL,


      While reviewing our  PROD instance /etc/security/limits.conf parameter values, I noticed that it is erreneously typed.


      The file has these entries:


        * hardnofile 65535

        * softnofile 4096

        * hardnproc 16384

        * softnproc 2047


      Instead of below:


        * hard nofile 65535

        * soft nofile 4096

        * hard nproc 16384

        * soft nproc 2047



      My question is we did not encounter any issues in our PROD instance right now?

      What could be the reason? Does it mean the default values are taken?



      Please help,


      Kind regards,