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    Cloning EBS R12.1.3


      EBS R12.1.3





      We are cloning of EBS R12.1.3 on new servers. One for DB and Apps.

      We used port pool 0  > 1521 for db and 8000 for Apps.

      Both the apps and db cloning are successful.  The apps and Db are started with status 0.

      The issue is...the port 1521 in Db is up but the port 8000 is not

      We can telnet dbhost 1521  but we can not telnet apphost 8000.


      netstat -anp |grep 1521  has results in database tier.

      netstat -anp |grep 8000  returns no nows in apps tier


      We already disabled firewall to both  tiers.



      Please help....


      Kind regards,