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    Grouping measures and counting group members in OBIEE 10g


      I have a requirement, a sales transaction table with the customer & Product details. Need to create ta report in OBIEE 10g in the following format



      ParticularPeriod1% of total   CustomerPeriod 2%
      Total Customer   Billed36,636100%40,195100%
      Customer   Billed SKU :    31+3171%4041%
      Customer   Billed SKU:    21-305572%1,1473%
      Customer   Billed SKU:    16-201,0393%1,2953%
      Customer   Billed SKU:    11-153,0118%3,5909%
      Customer   Billed SKUe:    6-109,00325%10,62326%
      Customer   Billed SKU:    1-522,70962%23,13658%


      ParticularPeriod1% of total CustomerPeriod 2%
      Total Customer Billed36,636100%40,195100%
      Customer Billed SKU :    31+3171%4041%
      Customer Billed SKU:    21-305572%1,1473%
      Customer Billed SKU:    16-201,0393%1,2953%
      Customer Billed SKU:    11-153,0118%3,5909%
      Customer Billed SKUe:    6-109,00325%10,62326%
      Customer Billed SKU:    1-522,70962%23,13658%


      How can we achieve this in OBIEE 10g?