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    SQL worksheet explain plan not working


      Hi guys,

      this discussion is about parser and delimiters.


      Simple example.

      Copy and paste this to an empty SQLDeveloper SQLWorksheet (old version 4.1.3):


      create table t1(a varchar2(1))


      drop table t1


      select * from dual



      Placing the cursor on each expression and press F10:

      - create table statement explain plan

      - ORA-00905

      - select statement explain plan


      OK, no problems in 4.1.3


      One more time in 17.4:

      - create table statement explain plan

      - ORA-00933

      - ORA-00933 [even when select statement fully highlighted with selection]


      However changing delimiter after drop from / to ; fixes the situation.


      Is there any way to make explain plan work correctly with / delimiter or it's a bug?

      Unfortunately I have no access to MOS to check this.


      Thank you!