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    E-Business Suite R12/12.2 AppsLocalLogin.jsp authentication using SSO password

    Pritish Tiwari



      We have EBS 12.1.3 installed in our environment with Single sign-on integration using OAM 11gR2 & OID 11g. OID is integrated with AD and syncs users using DIP and authentication is done via WNA.

      Passwords for users are maintained in AD and none of the passwords are kept in OID. Single Sign on and WNA are working as expected. We have a requirement that user's should be able to login to AppsLocalLogin.jsp page using their SSO credentials and it is currently working in present environment. We see that when we change user's AD password, they can login to AppsLocalLogin.jsp using their latest SSO credential without any changes being done in EBS.


      We are now upgrading the 12.1.3 to 12.2.6, and found that this functionality is no longer working .


      We understand that user's FND password & MSAD passwords cannot be synced & EBS would not understand the encryption used for hashing AD password. But our requirement is not to set them same. To be very specific on this problem - is there any way to authenticate users on local login page using their SSO password?