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    WIP - Not showing component issue quantity




      I am on Oracle 12.1.3


      I have created a WIP job with status Released from the application. Then I inserted the job details in WIP_JOB_SCHEDULE_INTERFACE and WIP_JOB_DTLS_INTERFACE to update issue quantity. I ran the WIP Mass Load from the database using fnd_request.submit_request.

      I am able to see updated subinventory and locator in WIP -> WIP Material Transaction against the job. But I don't see the new component issue quantity in WIP -> Discrete -> Discrete Jobs.


      On doing this manually on application, I was able to see the quantity after clicking the 'Done' button on WIP Material Transaction. I have checked the form WIPTXMAT, but I could not find the logic behind the button click.

      Is there any API call which updates the issue quantity for that job? Or is there any concurrent program that needs to be submitted after WIP Mass upload?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Simple Patel



          Please provide your source code.




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            Hi Vipul,


            I have only populated WIP_JOB_SCHEDULE_INTERFACE and WIP_JOB_DTLS_INTERFACE tables with below columns.



            1.    INTERFACE_ID

            2.    GROUP_ID

            3.    PROCESS_PHASE    --> 2

            4.    PROCESS_STATUS  --> 2

            5.    ORGANIZATION_ID

            6.    LOAD_TYPE              --> 3

            7.    FIRST_UNIT_START_DATE

            8.    PRIMARY_ITEM_ID

            9.    CLASS_CODE

            10.    JOB_NAME

            11.    NET_QUANTITY

            12.    START_QUANITITY

            13.    WIP_ENTITY_ID

            14.    HEADER_ID

            15.    WHO COLUMNS



            1.    INTERFACE_ID

            2.    GROUP_ID

            3.    WIP_ENTITY_ID

            4.    ORGANIZATION_ID

            5.    OPERATION_SEQ_NUM

            6.    INVENTORY_ITEM_ID_OLD

            7.    INVENTORY_ITEM_ID_NEW

            8.    QUANTITY_PER_ASSEMBLY

            9.    DEPARTMENT_ID

            10.    QUANTITY_ISSUED

            11.    SUPPLY_SUBINVENTORY

            12.    SUPPLY_LOCATOR_ID

            13.    LOAD_TYPE                    --> 2

            14.    SUBSTITUTION_TYPE    --> 3

            15.    PROCESS_PHASE          --> 2

            16.    PROCESS_STATUS        --> 1

            17.    PARENT_HEADER_ID

            18.    WHO COLUMNS



            Below is the code to submit the WIP Mass Load program from database.


                l_request_id           NUMBER          := 0;
                l_finished             BOOLEAN;
                l_phase                VARCHAR2(240);
                l_status               VARCHAR2(240);
                l_request_phase        VARCHAR2(240);
                l_request_status       VARCHAR2(240);
                l_message              VARCHAR2(240);
                DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Calling WIP Mass Load');
                fnd_global.apps_initialize (user_id => 8944
                                            resp_id => 20560,
                                            resp_appl_id => 706);
                l_request_id := fnd_request.submit_request( application => 'WIP'
                                                           ,program     => 'WICMLP'
                                                           ,description => NULL
                                                           ,start_time  => SYSDATE
                                                           ,sub_request => FALSE
                                                           ,argument1   => 1                               -- batch_id
                IF l_request_id = 0
                    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('WIP Mass load not submitted');
                    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('WIP Mass load submitted: '||l_request_id);
                    l_finished := fnd_concurrent.wait_for_request(request_id => l_request_id
                                                                 ,interval   => 0
                                                                 ,max_wait   => 0
                                                                 ,phase      => l_phase
                                                                 ,status     => l_status
                                                                 ,dev_phase  => l_request_phase
                                                                 ,dev_status => l_request_status
                                                                 ,message    => l_message
                    IF UPPER(l_request_status) = 'NORMAL'
                        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('phase: '||l_phase);
                        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('status: '||l_status);
                        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('request phase:' ||l_request_phase);
                        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('request satus:'||l_request_status);
                        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('message: '||l_message);
                    END IF;
                END IF;
                WHEN OTHERS
                    fnd_file.put_line(fnd_file.LOG, 'Error: '||SQLERRM);





            Now I am also trying by inserting records in MTL_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE table. But I cant find the Inventory Transaction Open Interface program.

            Is this name correct?




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              Just to update, this issue is resolved.

              Inserting the records in MTL_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE table worked. The quantity was issued to WIP job components by running the Process transaction interface from Inventory.


              In the application go to Inventory Super User --> Setup --> Transactions --> Interface Managers --> Select org --> Select Material transaction --> Tools Menu, Launch Manager --> Submit the request.


              From database:

              fnd_request.submit_request( application => 'INV'  
                                         ,program     => 'INCTCM'  
                                         ,description => NULL  
                                         ,start_time  => SYSDATE  
                                         ,sub_request => FALSE  


              Process transaction interface then calls Inventory transaction worker.