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    cx_Oracle does not close connection with clob if exception raise


      Hi there!

      I have very strange error with cx_Oracle 6.1

      Here is my code


      import cx_Oracle

      conn = cx_Oracle.connect('mbank','cnfkby','pro800-2n.ora.mmbank.ru:1521/CHIN')

      cursor = conn.cursor()

      res = cursor.callfunc('mbank.test_null', cx_Oracle.CLOB, keywordParameters={})


      mbank.test_null raises simple exception (and nothing else)


      after that if i try to close connection i get


      "cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: DPI-1054: connection cannot be closed when open statements or LOBs exist"


      it happens despite closing cursor, or calling del res, or declaring clob = cursor.var(cx_Oracle.CLOB), putting it insted of cx_Oracle.CLOB and after del clob


      May be someone knows how to solve it? It seems that there is one LOB exists but i cann't get it.