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    Form Personalisation not fetching values showing Invalid LOV ID




      I am a Form personalisation defined on WHEN-VALIDATED-RECORD.


      When Company is 'XYZ Constructions' in the Order Management the Picking Instructions should fetched the value from the LOV.


      Below is the Steps:



      Argument above:


      select short.short_text from fnd_attached_documents doc,hz_cust_accounts cust,fnd_documents_short_text short,fnd_documents doc1

      where doc.pk1_value=cust.cust_account_id

      and doc.document_id=doc1.document_id

      and short.media_id=doc1.media_id

      and doc.entity_name='AR_CUSTOMERS'

      and cust.cust_account_id=:ORDER.SOLD_TO_ORG_ID




      When going to the Order Line the WHEN VALIDATE RECORD should have fired but executed with Error as: