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    PeopleTools 8.56 and classic plus


      I understand that starting with PeopleTools 8.56, pages contained within specific PeopleTools classic components will be reworked and delivered with a "classic plus" setting enabled.
      And that according to PeopleSoft, "classic plus" style will be enabled for most components starting in the following update images:


           HCM - 9.2.024

           FSCM - 9.2.026


      My questions:
      Q: is there a minimum PUM image required to be able to switch to Classic Plus components/pages?

      Q: If we upgrade to PeopleTools 8.56 will we have the ability to invoke/check on classic plus for some components (even if we are not on HCM 9.2.024 or FSCM 9.2.026)




      current PeopleTools = 8.55.19

      current PUM: (HCM 9.2.023, FSCM 9.2.024)