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    Latest on DTrace on Oracle Linux


      This seems like a pretty stale group too...


      OK - lots has happened with DTrace on Oracle Linux over the last year. Time for a quick overview.


      - we no longer distribute the kernel modules separate from the kernel, they're now just part of the kernel rpm so when you download the latest versions of uek(4, 5) the modules are installed out of the box

      #  modprobe dtrace

      #  modprobe fbt

      #  modprobe fasttrap

      #  modprobe sdt

      #  modprobe systrace


      - we no longer make DTrace available in ULN only, it's on yum.oracle.com for everyone to easily install. dtrace-utils is in ol7_UEKR4 or in ol7_developer_UEKR5

      # yum install dtrace-utils


      - there are tons and tons of probes now.


      on uek4

      # dtrace -l | wc


      on uek5 preview

      # dtrace -l |wc


      So it's now a very, very complete implementation. And with it being completely integrated into the kernels and dtrace-utils easily installable from yum.oracle.com, hopefully more of you will be using this powerful tool.