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    Tapes that are compatible with SL500


      Hi All,


      Kindly advise where can I retrieve an overview of the types/brand of tapes supported by SL500?

      I have no issues with using IBM Ultrium LTO 4, but recently I noticed that Fujifilm Ultrium 4 tapes are causing the tape drives to fail even after reinitialising.


      Thank you.

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          SL500 support different type of Tape Drive.

          LTO 3,4,5,6.   SL500 also support  DLT and SDLT in mixed-media configuration.


          So not clear what kind of drives you have.

          Oracle do not provide support for  any media that not Oracle's (StorageTek) branded, but  any LTO4 cartridge should work in any LTO4 drives.


          Becouse it's same standart.

          FujiFilm do not made own tape drives. They  make media for  any  other LTO drives.

          In case you can found information  that this media cause problem - please share it. ( With tests or statistics). 

          You can use StorageTek Tape Anakytics software for anylize and monitor  media life-cycle in libraryes.




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            Sorry, I was not clear in my explanation. What I meant was that the Fujifilm Ultrium 4 tapes are getting freeze and it caused the drive to fail. So therefore I was wondering if Fujifilm Ultrium 4 tapes are the cause of resulting in the drive failure because I do not have an issue with IBM Ultrium LTO 4 tapes.



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              1. You not say what kind of failure happens with drive and how you recover it.

              2.  Can some  cartridge cause problem with drive ?  Yes. it possible.

                   Inspect cartridge for some issue:

                     LTO Media Inspection Guide - Prevent Costly LTO Repairs - Tape Drive Repairs UK | LTO Repairs | DLT Tape Drive Repairs

              3. Is it mean that all Fuji meadia is bad - no. Many response that is good quality of media.


              4. In case you buy new Fuji media and have problem with  some - return it to seller.