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    Oracle Jheadstart - Support from Product team




      We are working on a PoC for a customer to perform the Forms to ADF conversion and we are leveraging the Oracle Jheadstart Evaluation version for the PoC. We are facing some issues in the tool during the Forms to ADF conversion. We would like to get the Support from the ORacle Consulting or the Product team to support us in fixing the issues for the PoC.


      We would like to get the Quote or the Price for getting this support from ORacle.

      The Related CR for this request is - SR 3-16897646541


      This is bit ciritical and urgent as we are in a bottle neck situation and could not move ahead in the PoC.


      If the PoC is successful, Customer might procure the licensed version from ORacle for their forms to ADF modernization project.


      Please provide the Point of contact in Oracle consulting or the Product team with whom we can collaborate for this request.



      Saradha Raju.