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    Oracle EBS License and preinstalled DB features


      Hi Experts,


      exists from Oracle any detail information about EBS and the license logic.

      We using R12 and our system have custom objects.


      On the base of the Oracle Applications license matrix (http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/application-licensing-table-070571.pdf)) we must have a license for

      • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
      • Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition
      • Development Tools & Technology


      ok, this is clear and the license exists.


      But what is with the preinstalled DB features Spatial and OLAP?


      These feature are activated in the standard of the EBS/DB installation and not used directly by us.

      But both options need a separate license on the top of the Enterprise DB license.


      Exists from Oracle a official statement if a EBS customer, which need a license for Enterprise Edition, a license for Spatial and OLAP is needed?


      Many thanks