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    Sql Developer Unit Test- Gather Code Coverage Statistics

    Narmada T

      I am using Sql Developer Unit Test framework to create unit test cases and test suites for my development. I was able to successfully create the repository , run the test cases and able to see the reports. Only problem i am facing is with Gather Code coverage Statistics.

      When i check this check box and run the test case it should ideally gather the stats and populate UT_TEST_COVERAGE_STATS table and also the reports "Suite Runs Code Coverage" and "Test Runs Code Coverage" should show up the statistics of my test cases and test suites. But all these are blank. There is no data in UT_TEST_COVERAGE_STATS table. Also there is no error while running the tests and the results tab of test case/test suite shows the details like Coverage Run On - 'Date'. I want to know if i am missing any permissions to run the stats or any additional setup is required to get the coverage statistics.