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    Buyer Ability to Edit Punchout Requisition?


      Our agency uses the Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement/Purchasing module. There are two "buyers" in our office who process all punchout requisitions. We would like our buyers to have the ability to edit punchout requisitions prior to approval, specifically to be able to edit account codes within the Charge Account. Does this functionality exist or are we just out of luck? Currently we have to use the "Request Information" function to ask the person whom the requisition was entered by to edit the account codes and resubmit. That's not efficient and we want to change it. Please help!


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          No we cannot Edit the requisition line which are pulled from catalog. Only quantity can be editable. This is the standard functionality. I tried in my local environment also and the behaviour is same i.e., I Ended up with same error. You can find it in my RESEARCH notes



          However, you can use the Requisition Line Entry page to order items and change the item price.This page is for a more advanced procurement user who needs to be able to order items quickly and make certain changes, such as quantity, description,etc.,



          Typically, a Self Service Procurement user ordering out of the catalog would not be able to determine the price of items and would simply order from what is available in the catalog.



          However, there is already an Enhancement Request  in Place for this which will be considered in future releases. Please refer to the document below for the same:



          Returned Item Information From Punchout Is Not Editable (Doc ID 2221065.1)





          Hope this will ease the frustration

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            Thank you for your response. I'd like to say it eases my frustration but, unfortunately, it does not. Agencies such as ours need this functionality to create an efficiency in our workflow. Being required to return requisitions to the requester multiple times for corrections of account codes etc. is, frankly, a waste of time. I'll follow the enhancement request but I'm not holding my breath.


            Thank you, again, for your reply and assistance. It is much appreciated.

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              You are correct, and that is the reason the ER is in place to make this part of flow more flexible.


              What options do we have now?


              1. Review and update the requester preferences more relevant so we can avoid correction on accounts

              2. Some level of automation or account override can be achieved by the TAB

              3. Please open an SR with us so that we can link this to current ER

              4. In our continual effort to better meet your needs, Oracle has introduced the following avenue for socializing and crowdsourcing interest for your enhancement requests. This is Customer Connect (CC) (http://appsconnect.oracle.com/) portal, where ERs can be added in our “Idea Lab”. Therefore, I would encourage you to please submit this enhancement request (idea) in our portal in addition to our already submitted ER. If other customers would also like to have this feature, they can vote for your idea which would increase its priority. This will result in making it more likely that our product strategy team will consider adding it to a future release.



              1. Create an Oracle Account if you do not already have one, by going to www.oracle.com and clicking on the Sign In/Register link in the header. Enter your corporate email address as your username. You will use your Oracle Account to log into Customer Connect going forward.

              2. Go to http://appsconnect.oracle.com to access Customer Connect and sign in with your Oracle Account.

              3. Click on the "Idea Lab" drop-down in the header and select the appropriate category.

              4. Click on the “Submit your Idea” button on the upper right of the screen to enter your idea.



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