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    WIP JOB Completion Error: OPERATION_SEQ_NUM in "CST_COMP_SNAP_INTERFACE" is missing or incorrect.


      While performing wip job completion, I am facing error while in processing record from the cost table aka "CST_COMP_SNAP_INTERFACE".

      Assembly has to go through multiple operations and the last operation is #340.

      While performing completion transactions, entered the operation_seq_no to -1 in mtl_transactions_interface and 340 in CST_COMP_SNAP_INTERFACE, but the error appears while validating data and transaction stuck in pending material transactions due to this error.


      "CSTPACMS:validate_snap_interface 30 : OPERATION_SEQ_NUM in CST_COMP_SNAP_INTERFACE is missing or incorrect."


      Also tried to update the operation_seq_no to -1 in CST_COMP_SNAP_INTERFACE table, but same error appears.

      Anyone please guide which operation should be inserted in table CST_COMP_SNAP_INTERFACE as we are working on average cost in our organisation.