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    How to remove one of the alternate hierarchy in rpd


      I have 2 hierarchies in calendar logical dimension. Both Gregorian calendar and fiscal calendar share the same lowest level which is day level. Now I want to remove the Gregorian calendar from this alternate hierarchy. The issue here is that once you remove the Gregorian hierarchy, the day level in fiscal calendar hierarchy become invalid as both hierarchies share the same lowest level. I don't want to use the approach to add day level back to the fiscal hierarchy as it would cause too many changes.Any suggestion on this?



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          Robert Angel




          you must have One Total Level and One Detail level and whatever in between.


          If you remove one alternative path from top to bottom provided what you leave is still complete then your hierarchy will still be good.


          You could move your none needed hierarchy members into their equivalent tier on the hierarchy that will remain, then any reports using these fields will still work, and the detail for the field will not be wrong.


          You can of course hide the members in the presentation layer.


          You can also use impact analysis.