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    Weblogic Server 12  - Schedule and run JavaEE Batch jobs (JSR352) in cluster in parallell ?




      We are running our system on Weblogic Server v12.  (ie JavaEE7)

      In our system we need to run certain operations on a scheduled time. The obvious choice is to use the JavaEE Batch support in WLS12.

      However JSR352 does not handle the scheduling part and we thererfore found this article useful: Schedule Java EE 7 Batch Jobs (Tech Tip #36) - it describes how to use JavaEE Batch together with ManagedScheduledExecutorService - both bart of JavaEE7.


      We use clustered domains in production, so my questions are:

      - What is the appropiate way to run this in a clustered environment ? Does ManagedScheduleExecutorService or Java EE Batch guarantee that the jobs is started once in the cluster ? If not how can this be solved ?

      - When a Job has been started thru the JobOperator: Can you parallellize the Steps in the job on several nodes in the cluster or is the Step bound to the node where the Job started ? Can this be accomplished and  it that case how ?


      I cannot find any descriptions of this in https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/12212/wls/CNFGD/batch-apps.htm#CNFGD369 or in JSR352


      Many thanks for any input,

      Ulf Westermark