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    Deploying formsapp.ear hangs for 8+ hours after applying forms overlay 26825525


      EBS 12.1.3, I applied 26825525 the latest forms overlay patch. Then run "make -f ins_forms.mk install", "make -f ins_reports.mk install", and regenerate jars via adadmin > 1 > 4 > No > Enter.  Then autoconfig.




      When I run "adformsctl.sh start", I get the following:


      *             W A R N I N G             *


      Error while executing the perl script txkChkFormsDeployment.pl



      We have determined that you need to redeploy Forms (using txkChkFormsDeployment.pl).

      But could not do it automatically for you, due to some issues.

      For details refer the log files.

      Follow Note: 397174.1 to redeploy Forms manually.




      I follow 397174.1 and it just hangs there.  Any thoughts?