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    OPA on Docker

    Brandon Belcher

      I was reviewing some work I started a while back containerizing OPA, and decided it was doing little good sitting in a dusty corner of my hard drive.  Hopefully someone finds these repos useful!


      Docker OPA Hub

      Weblogic Configuration

      This runs two containers from official images. It installs OPA after the containers have started. It is useful for testing the OPA installer on Oracle supported deployments (Oracle JRE, Weblogic, and MySQL).


      Tomcat Configuration

      This is a completely unsupported configuration (OpenJDK, Tomcat, and MySQL) but is much faster since it builds streamlined images with OPA pre-installed. This can be useful for developers who want a local Hub install but with a smaller footprint than a VM.


      Vagrant OPA Hub

      And finally if you want a quick and easy OPA Hub but prefer virtual machines, here's a minimal-effort script for creating an OPA Hub on VirtualBox.  This, like the Tomcat Docker config, is not supported, but is quick and easy for dev use.


      Feedback welcome.  Enjoy!