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    Unable to resolve type


      If you have a user called for instance USER1

      and you create a package for instance USER1



      function f_demo

          return varchar2;

      END USER1;


      create or replace type user1_type

      as object ( demo varchar2(3)) ;


      create table nobeer

      ( col1 user1_type ) ;


      select * from nobeer ;


      Gives  :


      Maken van descriptor is mislukt.: Unable to resolve type "USER1.USER1_TYPE"


      select count(*) from nobeer ;


      is without error.


      FROM SQL*PLUS everything works ok !


      We solved this by renaming the package BTW.

      So this is not a problem for us.





      Dik Pater.

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          Oyvind Isene

          The first statement for declaring the package is not really relevant, or am I missing something? Anyway, I did this in latest version of SQL Developer against an database without getting any errors:


          create or replace type user1_type 
          AS OBJECT ( DEMO VARCHAR2(3)) ; 
          create table nobeer 
          ( col1 user1_type ) ; 
          SELECT * FROM NOBEER ;