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    SSO using windows Authentication in Apex 5.1, Ords 3.0.9 deployed in Tomcat 8.5.5


      Hello ,


      I am trying to get the SSO working on my Apex application, server (Windows) and I Followed the Windows Integrated Authentication - HOWTO instruction.


      I am having difficulty in few things :


      1 :  Where to run the below command (Not getting the directory (/kerberos/bin/) in windows application server)


      /usr/share/centrifydc/kerberos/bin/kinit -Vkt /opt/tomcat/my_sso.keytab -S HTTP/<hostname>@DOMAIN <account>@DOMAIN


      2 : After following the steps in am getting below error :


      HTTP Status 500 - java.io.IOException: Configuration Error


      Request your help on this please.