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    Position based Hierarchy Issues


      Hi All,


      I am Using Oracle 12.2.4. I have a requirement to use the POsition based Hierarchy for PO and Requsition DOcuments approval process. The required setup have been done. The reuired positions have also been created and assigned to the Position Hierarchy.


      The situation here is i am able to approvde requisitions but the Purchase order documents(Standard Purchase order, Balnket agreement, Releases) are not getting approved and the workflow throws an error "NO APPROVER FOUND"


      let me know what can be the issue here.



      Nimesh Bavishi

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          SCM Rahul Pareek

          Hi Nimesh,


          As your Requisition is getting approved that means you have correctly setup your Req. part, Now for Purchase Order it looks like your approval Group and Approval Assignment has issues. Either Approval assignment not have Approval Group assigned for Purchase Order approval or Approval Group conditions are not meeting the favourable eligibility.

          Also, Check all the approvers in hierarchy should be of online users means the ERP User attached to them should be Active.


          Please let me know if it helps.



          Rahul Pareek