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    Exception: Configurator requires schema version 25 e, current version is 33 a

    Girish Thimmegowda

      Configurator Version: 12.2.2

      Schema Version: 33 a

      Custom Application from which i'm trying to launch config: A simple servlet application deployed in the weblogic server of same instance.


      Hi All

      I'm getting the exception 'Configurator requires schema version 25 e, current version is 33 a' when i try to launch the runtime configurator of a model from CIO APIs.


      Following is the code i'm using in my custom application to launch and configure a model from backend.


              String dbcFileName = null;

              CIO cio;

              Context context;


              long modelID = 143400;


              dbcFileName = "/u01/app/applvis/VIS/fs2/inst/apps/VIS_vision/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure/VIS.dbc";


              context = new CZWebAppsContext(dbcFileName);

              cio = new CIO();

              ConfigParameters cp = new ConfigParameters(modelID);


              java.util.Calendar modelLookupDate = Calendar.getInstance(); // current date and time



              Configuration config = null;

              try {

                  config = cio.startConfiguration(cp, context);

              } catch (LogicalException le) {

                  pw.println("LE: "+le.getMessage());

              } catch (ModelLookupException mle) {

                  pw.println("MLE: "+mle.getMessage());

              } catch (BomExplosionException bee) {

                  pw.println("BEE: "+bee.getMessage());

              } catch (Exception e) {

                  pw.println("E: "+e.getMessage());



      The code is going into 'Exception' block with the above error message.


      As per suggestion from one of the post in metalink, i ran 'Modify Configurator Parameters' program to update both 'MAJOR_VERSION' and 'MINOR_VERSION' DB settings to '33' and 'a' respectively. This didnt resolve the issue.


      Please provide any suggestions to fix this issue.