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    Report Taking long time to run


      Hi All,


      Can anyone explain me about tag below in details.When i can add this in instance config file.




      I have one issue like in my report only 344 records which is running fine when i ran that in database(executing OBIEE Query), but same thing when i ran through analytics its keep on running and not giving any result, Every time i am cancelling  it after 10 mins.


      Can anyone tell me what is the issue here and is the above tag help me to solve that issue?



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          Gianni Ceresa
          • CubeMaxRecords — Specifies the maximum number of records that are returned by an analysis for the view to process. This roughly governs the maximum number of cells that can be populated in a view; unpopulated cells in a sparse view do not count. The default is 40000.
          • CubeMaxPopulatedCells — Specifies the maximum number of cells in a view that can be populated with data from the Oracle BI Server. The default is 120000.

          From the doc, always a good place where to look for answers


          Setting them to 100'000'000 sounds like you want to do data pump via OBIEE: wrong tool for the wrong need.

          As you can see How to Ask Questions in Developer Community Spaces there are multiple information you can provide when asking a question to get some answers, otherwise it's just random guesses.

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            Sagar Tippe

            First: Why the numbers configured are in thousands billions? Use SQLLDR for data pumping, you will surely get a better performance than OBIEE.


            Second: Definitely issue is not at DB end. Try creating a complete new analysis by pulling one column at a time, you can check where the problem lies in.


            Third: Try taking physical SQL from BI diagnostics, and run the same in SQL developer.


            Hope this helps.