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    Get a textual representation of ODS mappings, process flows


      I inherited a productive BI-reporting environment. ETL Process has been realized on OWB 11. I need to understand the mapping and process flows. The only documentation of the Mapping flow is graphical in the the mapping flow editor of OWB. That's nice for little flow maps, but looking at this I feel overwhelmed...




      What I got so far is only this in EXCEL


      which is generated mainly by


      select substr(table_name,1,3) layer,  owner, table_name, sum(num_rows) num_of_row, decode(substr(table_name,1,3),'STG',1,'STG',2,'COR',3,'DIM',4,'FAC',5,99) sortkey 
      from dba_tables where owner like 'DWH_EAO%'  and nvl(num_rows,0) >0 
      and substr(table_name,1,3) in ('STG','STG','COR','DIM','FAC')
      group by  decode(substr(table_name,1,3),'STG',1,'STG',2,'COR',3,'DIM',4,'FAC',5,99), owner, table_name 
      order by sortkey,3 desc;


      I would like to document this huge railway map in a intended text list, to make it more manageable and understandable. Is there a way I can do this by some SQL-Query? Do I find such a structured text representation somewhere in a logfile or something?


      Are there other ways to extract a textual self-documention of an OWB project?


      Thanks for you help.