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    OBIEE Agent - Run as Recipient with Get Recipients from the Analysis Used in the Agent Condition


      Hello Experts,


      In one of my projects, i have a following requirement.


      An OBIEE agent has to be created to deliver a report through a email for multiple users.Since Data security is implemented, i have chosen to run it as 'Recipient' in General tab.

      However since the number of users is very high, i would not like to add users manually in the Recipient tab.

      I came across the option of 'Get Recipients from the Analysis Used in the Agent Condition' which enables us to get the recipient details dynamically through a report column..


      1.     My query is will the agent work as intended with Run as Recipient(in General tab) and 'Get Recipients from the Analysis Used in the Agent Condition'(in Recipients tab) without having to explicitly add users one by one manually in Recipients tab?


      2.     Also in Delivery Content tab, under Content option. there are 4 options available (Analysis,Dashboard Page,Briefing Book,Conditional analysis), what is the difference between Analysis and Conditional analysis ?


      3.     While manually adding users in the Recipients tab, does the OBIEE display User id's or Display names?


      I am on Version