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    Syntax Coloring - Braces get wrong color, how to fix?


      Edit: I upgraded to and the problem persists. I am still the only person I know who has this particular issue.


      I upgraded to SQL Developer recently, and I'm running into a bizarre issue with the syntax coloring where parens are not colored correctly.



      • PL/SQL Brace is supposed to be foreground green. From the syntax color scheme preview in Preferences:
      • Parens are incorrectly colored using what looks like the comment color. Under magnification it seems that these are actually two slightly different colors:
      • When typing anywhere, parens have the correct color
      • When I stop typing, they go back to the incorrect color
        Oracle color.gif


      Selecting one of the default color schemes and changing the Brace color doesn't work. Neither does changing the Brace color in my scheme away from and back to the green I wanted.

      This was not an issue in 17.2 and I also haven't been able to find any mention of anyone else having this issue.


      Has anyone ever encountered this?