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    Configure ORDS 3.09 and APEX 5.11 with ICAP server


      Good day, my customer needs to upload files into Apex (5.11).  They connect to APEX via ORDS (3.09), which is running on WebLogic server

      According to the ORDS documentation, we simply have to update the ORDS default.xml, and set "icap.server" and "icap.port".  We've done that, and restarted ORDS, but

      when we upload a file into APEX, it seems to sping, then throws an internal error.  Our ICAP engineer does see traffic coming from our ORDS server, and it appears it's sending traffic back.


      Does anyone know if additional configuration is required on ORDS, Apex, or the ICAP server (McAfee) for this to work?


      I can't find any documentation on this.