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    SOA BPEL : Unable to list members from AD group when members count is more then 1500


      Hello Guys,


      We have 2 AD groups . 1(Full Access group) has 4 members and another(Limited Access group) has 1600 members.

      We are able to list members names from full access group.While accessing members from limited access group we are getting below error


      "Decoding Error: The attribute description "member;range=0-1499" could not be parsed because it contains an invalid character "=" at position 12"


      We are using below input for the LDAP adapter




      Please let us know how to pass range query filter


      Below is the JCA file contents of LDAP adapter


      <adapter-config name="ldapReference" adapter="ldap" wsdlLocation="../WSDLs/ldapReference.wsdl" xmlns="http://platform.integration.oracle/blocks/adapter/fw/metadata">

          <connection-factory location="eis/ldap/Common/ActiveDirectory"/>

        <endpoint-interaction portType="search_ptt" operation="search">

          <interaction-spec className="oracle.tip.adapter.ldap.outbound.sync.LdapSearchInteractionSpec">

            <property name="SearchScope" value="wholeSubtree"/>

            <property name="TimeLimit" value="0"/>

            <property name="FollowReferrals" value="ignore"/>

            <property name="ReturnAttributes" value="member"/>

            <property name="AliasDereferencing" value="never"/>

            <property name="SizeLimit" value="10000"/>

            <property name="HopLimit" value="1"/>

            <property name="ReturnAttributesDelimiter" value=","/>

            <property name="TypesOnly" value="false"/>