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    What is the Analysis Criteria formula syntax for a corresponding attribute?

    Mike Wentz

      What is the correct syntax to use an attribute column from one subject area as a lookup key to return a corresponding attribute from a second subject area?  Can this be done?


      Example:  Subject area “Employees” has attribute columns such as “Job” and “Organization”, etc.  Each of these elements is defined in a ‘Company Level’ subject area with additional attributes, such as account numbers and rates.  Can I effectively substitute a corresponding attribute in a [simple] listing of known employees?


      I discovered the FILTER() function, but it seems to be restricted to ‘measures’(?) and I’m evidently dealing with ‘attributes’ in this situation.


      Is this even the proper place to ask questions of this type?  I’m brand new to using OBIEE and barely DB literate, so I’m sorry if my terminology is bogus.  I don’t even know what the Analysis Criteria editor software is called.