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    How do I configure multiple clients with command line or config files?

    Laurent Schneider



      I am in the process of making SQL Dev 18.1 to hundreds of users via Citrix.


      I know where I can set option like

      AddVMOption -Duser.home= ... # to avoid huge roaming profiles (%APPDATA%)

      AddVMOption -Duser.language=em # to stick to English

      AddVMOption -Xmx2048M # to allocate more memory

      AddVMOption -Dorg.netbeans.core.update.all.servources=never # to minize cache usage

      AddVMOption -Dsqldev.savepassword=false # to disable save password


      Mostly found in Fusion Middleware doc / Blogs / SQLDev doc.


      How I do I find a list of those?


      I know some options are stored in %APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system***\product-preferences.xml


      I read this excellent article

      Using Ansible to distribute SQL Developer preferences


      While it fully does what I am looking for, I am wondering


      1. is it supported?
      2. is it documented?
      3. is it possible to setup a preference in sqldeveloper.conf, like oracle_home location or USE_THICK_DRIVER, without editting the XML?





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