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    Can't debug procedure using SQL Developer


      Hi SQL Developer community,


      we need to migrate our database from an old server (in house) with a 11.2 Oracle installation to a newer server (hosted) with 12.1 Oracle installation. Currently we are preparing schema migration. One of our already migrated packaged stored procedures doesn't run on the new database as expected so I had to use the debugger. At this point I noticed that debugging on 12c differs from 11g. From Oracle documentation and different blog posts (e.g. https://galobalda.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/sql-developers-plsql-debugger-and-oracle-12c/ ) I gathered the privileges to get the debugger run again. These are the privileges already granted:




      Furthermore my IP-Address and the database user were registered for JDWP operations:





      Package and package body were compiled for debugging.


      Unfortunately, debugging still does not work. When I start debugging with mouseclick on bug-icon of code editor I get following output:


      Verbindung mit der Datenbank ***.*****.

      PL/SQL wird ausgeführt: CALL DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.CONNECT_TCP( '**.*.***.***', '*****' )


      Debugging seems to start but does not jump to breakpoint. To be more precisely, it does nothing but waiting for something.

      After a minute or so debugging session ends with message...


      ORA-30687: session terminated by debugger

      Prozess beendet.

      Abmeldung von der Datenbank ***.*****.


      My questions:


      • Are the privileges granted to the user correct?
      • Are there any further settings in SQL Developer making the debugger run with 12.1?
      • As I'm not a DBA or network specialist I'am a little insecure about what they have to ensure that debugging runs smoothly. Could it be that network security is a point to have an eye on?


      We use SQL Developer