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    OBIEE Sample App Try It Live

    Chris Arnold

      My apologies if this has already been answered but I did a bit of searching and haven't really been able to see any official information from Oracle...


      Several years ago Oracle used to put the 'OBIEE Sample App' out there for the public to play with ('Try It Live'). In my searching, I have found discussions mentioning that they had brought it down (a year or so ago) because there were security issues they were dealing with. After that, I really don't see much.


      Has Oracle totally abandoned ever putting something like that out for the public again? I know it has been a pretty long time since it was up and that should be an indication to me that they probably don't ever plan on making it live to the public again, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway -- in hopes that maybe some of you out there might know more about this than I have been able to find out using Google.


      Any input is appreciated.


      Thank you,

      Christopher Arnold