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    EBS R12 audit


      EBS R12.1





      Is there  FND tables or SYS$ table, where I can query if auditing is enabled by any users?

      Sometimes I wonder if this is the cause why our logs is growing so big everyday.



      Please help...



      Kind regards,


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          Eric Z-Oracle

          Hi JC,


          Usually in EBS , we audit user sign-on activities by setting Profile Option "Sign-On:Audit Level" at different levels.

          Other than that, you can enable AuditTrail to audit particular tables by setting up shadow tables, but that's not supposed to be the cause of growth of logs.


          To summarize, it's barely possible for the sign-on audit to cause significant growth, therefore, you should first identify the types of logs, whether they are diagnostic logs, JVM logs, control logs, core files, or concurrent logs/output files.

          Then you can further determine how you can RESOLVE the issue that's been causing the log growth, LOWER log levels (such as fnd diagnostics), or PURGE / ARCHIVE the redundant logs.




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            Which logs? On the server or logging tables in EBS?

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                Once find the size of FND_LOG_MESSAGES.


                select bytes/1024/1024/1024 from dba_segments where segment_name like '%FND_LOG_MESSAGES%;



                Use the concurrent program: 'Purge Diagnostic and Log Messages' to clear the messages.


                Usually when you enable FND: Diagnostics, this will increase. Try this and tell me if its working to find all details about FND_LOG_MESSAGES or you can simply query from Front End also.


              SELECT user_profile_option_name, name, level_set, context,

                value, last_update_date, last_updated_by

              FROM (

              SELECT po.user_profile_option_name,

                po.profile_option_name name,



                10001, 'Site',

                10002, 'Application',

                10003, 'Responsibility',

                10004, 'User',

                10005, 'Server',

                10006, 'Organization',

                10007, 'ServResp',

                'Undefined') LEVEL_SET,


                '10001', '',

                '10002', app.application_short_name,

                '10003', rsp.responsibility_key,

                '10004', usr.user_name,

                '10005', svr.node_name,

                '10006', org.name,

                '10007', (SELECT n.node_name from fnd_nodes n

                WHERE n.node_id=level_value2) ||'/'||

                (decode(pov.level_value, -1,'Default',

                (SELECT responsibility_key

                FROM fnd_responsibility

                WHERE responsibility_id = level_value))),

                pov.level_id) CONTEXT,

                pov.profile_option_value VALUE,


                usrlst.user_name last_updated_by

              FROM fnd_profile_options_vl po,

                fnd_profile_option_values pov,

                fnd_user usr,

                fnd_application app,

                fnd_responsibility_vl rsp,

                fnd_user usrlst,

                fnd_nodes svr,

                hr_operating_units org

              WHERE usrlst.user_id = pov.last_updated_by

              AND pov.application_id = po.application_id

              AND pov.profile_option_id = po.profile_option_id

              AND usr.user_id(+) = pov.level_value

              AND rsp.application_id(+) = pov.level_value_application_id

              AND rsp.responsibility_id(+) = pov.level_value

              AND app.application_id(+) = pov.level_value

              AND svr.node_id(+) = pov.level_value

              AND org.organization_id(+) = pov.level_value


              UNION ALL


              SELECT user_profile_option_name, profile_option_name name,

                null level_id,

                'Not Set' LEVEL_SET,

                null CONTEXT,

                null VALUE,

                null last_update_date,

                null last_updated_by

              FROM fnd_profile_options_vl p

              WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 'x' FROM fnd_profile_option_values ov

                WHERE p.profile_option_id = ov.profile_option_id)


              WHERE UPPER(user_profile_option_name) LIKE UPPER('FND%Debug%')

              ORDER BY name, level_id, value;




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                Thanks ALL