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    NLS settings not from GUI version 18.1


      Hi All!


      When starting sqldeveloper 18.1 looking NLS settings in sqldeveloper GUI I found JAPANESE starting with my previous wrap script working well in version 17.4. '-Duser.language=hu' should influence NLS that is working in version 17.4 instead of default JAPANESE seen in GUI.

      it means -Duser.language has no effect in version 18.1

      Starting without wrap script I found the right setting to language though encodings are different.

      start 18.1 from sqldeveloper.exe : --> R:\oracle\progs\sqldeveloper_181\sqldeveloper.exe


      starting from wrap script:

      (some env settings )

      start R:\oracle\progs\sqldeveloper_181\sqldeveloper.exe -J-Dide.splash.screen=splash_t.gif -J-Dide.user.dir=%SQLDEV_DIR%

      wrap script


      please, advice!