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    Rest Service Response is coming in text/plain not in Json format


      The REST service response is not in proper format. I have created a web service and have expose it as a REST Api. Response is in Text/Plain instead of Application/json. This is happening in the case of exception. I am using SOAP UI tool for my testing.



        Body Value: 


      "VALUE_Input": { 

      "@xmlns": "http://xmlns.oracle.com/apps/ar/rest/profws/value/", 

      "RESTHeader": { 

      "xmlns": "http://xmlns.oracle.com/apps/fnd/rest/header", 





      "Org_Id" :686 


      "InputParameters": { 






      <data contentType="text/plain" contentLength="315"><![CDATA[{

      "ISGServiceFault" : {

         "Code" : "FND_SOA_USER_RESP_MISMATCH",

         "Message" : "Responsibility is not assigned to user",

         "Resolution" : "Please pass a resonsibility assigned to the user.",

         "ServiceDetails" : {

           "ServiceName" : "PROFWS",

           "OperationName" : "value",

           "InstanceId" : "0"







      2) There is not Swagger Swagger generated any ways to add it