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    Need an Event Alert that will fire based on updates made by publicly callable API

    Sharla Skerbinc

      Hello -


      We have moved most of our HR implementation to HCM.  We still have HR on premise as there is still information we need to integrate with Payroll, Finance, Supply Chain, etc.  We have a number of interfaces going back and forth between HCM and EBS.  One of the pieces of information we need is the Approval Authority on the Job record.  We have a daily interface from HCM to EBS to created any new jobs or job changes.  The HCM interface program uses the hr_jop_api.  We also have an Event Alert defined on the per_jobs table which is not firing when jobs are created or updated using this API, but does fire if these updates are made directly on the Job form in EBS.  Does anyone know if this is a limitation?