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    View Encumbered Amount against Blanket Agreements?


      Is there a field on the blanket PO that displays the current encumbered amount from all approved releases?  On the BPA header I see "Amount" (total of all releases, regardless of whether they're approved or not), "Matched Amount" (invoiced amount)...from the PO headers I've enabled the "Blanket Encumbered Amount" and "Blanket Unencumbered Amount" fields, and they are always blank.  Ideally, we should see the sum of approved releases against a BPA so we know how much $$ currently remains.  Even in the reports, the Encumbrance Detail Report doesn't help...it's parameters are by account details, not PO numbers.  This is such basic and fundamental info, I surely must be missing something.  Thanks for any guidance, suggestions, or input.