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    Config UDC value of 0 being overwritten by calc rules



           We have been struggling to figure out a fix for this situation.  I have setup a UDC with quantities to represent the number of keys to be provided with a padlock.  The choices are 0,1,2,3,... up to 10.  This Segment is set-up as optional and then I have a calculation that is if Segment is *BLANKS, then set to 2.  The problem that we are experiencing is that the system seems to be ignoring the 0 or reading it as a BLANK and keeps setting the Segment to a value of 2.  Any thoughts how to get the system to recognize the value of 0 being an actual UDC selection?  To note:  I have tried setting the F3291 for the Segment to be numeric rounded to no decimals along with setting up the UDC to also be numeric.  Nothing seems to work.



      Bryce Fleury