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    Maps in OBIEE


      I am setting up the first set of maps to be used in OBIEE. The version of OBIEE and Map Builder are According to the docs to make the map available in OBIEE you must define a layer key for  a layer being used inside an analysis. The layer key is an identifying attribute that allows OBIEE to create a connection between data and relevant map elements. However I cannot figure out how to create this key in the WMS themes we are using which are being created by importing from internal map sources. The maps are created correctly and can be manipulated in Map Builder and Map Viewer, they just cannot be used by OBIEE. Oracle docs and blogs show a dialog where the layer key can be input using other types of themes, just not WMS. What am I missing? I can't believe that this kind of map can't be used by OBIEE, so there must be a concept or feature I'm missing.


      The error that is returned when trying to associate map layers to BI columns in the OBIEE Manage Map Data utility is "The layer key dropdown has empty columns. Please check theme definition in Oracle Mapbuilder".