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    user cannot see its own submitted requests




      I have a final user which cannot see its own submitted requests.

      (No row returns when users choose "View" >> "Requests")


      Any Idea, please ?


      Oracle R12





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          Andy Wang-Oracle

          Hi, Frédéric


          Thanks for your posting. Actually, the issue is not a BIP issue, but a Concurrent related issue, so

          maybe anyone would move your post to Concurrent Community later.


          I want to confirm something more detail, please confirm the following:


          1. Does the user try to find the request which he just submitted or the requests which he submitted long time ago?


          2. Can you please confirm if the records of the request existing in FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table?


          3. When you search the request, what is the value of "Select the number of days to veiw" ?


          4. Can the user find the request by the request ID?


          5. Please provide the following commands result after source the AP tier env.


             $ adident Header $FND_TOP/forms/US/FNDRSRUN.fmx





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            Please check the below note

            Note.736547.1 Concurrent Report Access Level for more details about how to enable the RBAC functionality

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