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    SQL Developer will not start on Linux


      I downloaded SQL Developer and installed it into an Oracle Cloud VM this morning, as follows:


      rpm -Uhv sqldeveloper-


      It appeared to install just fine.


      Now I want to run it.


      sudo su - oracle

      cd /opt/sqldeveloper



      Upon execution of the shell script, I was prompted for the location of my JDK, which is /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_141.  I entered that, and then... nothing.  The system just did absolutely nothing.  After about 30 minutes, I hit ctrl-c to interrupt.


      The installer said that the path specified for the JDK would be stored in /u01/app/oracle/tools/home/oracle/.sqldeveloper/18.1.0/product.conf, so I looked for that file.  It does not exist.  In fact, the path /u01/app/oracle/tools/home/oracle is empty - no directories or files.


      After using ctrl+c to cancel, and looking for the non-existent path, I tried to execute the shell script again.  This time, I am not even asked for the path to the JDK.  The system just does absolutely nothing again.


      I reconnected to the machine in a new putty session, and tried running ./sqldeveloper.sh as the user opc.  I was told that the path to the JDK would be /home/opc/.sqldeveloper/18.1.0/product.conf.  Once again, after entering the /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_141 at the prompt, the system did nothing for several minutes, until I again executed Ctrl+C to interrupt.  A search of /home/opc showed an empty directory.


      At this point, it doesn't matter whether I try to run the shell script when signed in as opc, or as oracle, or as the King of Siam.  I am not prompted for the location of the JDK, and nothing happens.


      What step(s) am I missing?