PS 9.20.25 Create Requisition Services Procurement


    Hello, we were previously on PS 9.20.19 (tools 8.54).  We are in the middle of upgrading to PS 9.20.25 (tools 8.57).  Our users noticed that when creating a requisition under services procurement, resource, their page has changed to an undesired result.  My question is:::: Is this launch page configurable or did PS decide to change the page?  In either case, where can I change it back to the previous page.


    The steps are:

    1. Navigate to e-Procurement / Requisition - to create a new req.

    2. Click on the Services Procurement link

    3. Click on the Resource link

    The page that displays in 9.20.26 is: PV_REQ_SRCH_RES

    The page that displays in pre 9.20.26 is : SPF_REQ_INFO_PG


    Thank you very much.