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    How to visually show related tables in ERD?

    Blue Bird



      I'm using SQL Dev 18.1.0 (and Data Modeler). I have already related tables in database. How can I quickly visually see all related tables for specific table (parent and/or child) if exists. I know if I click a specific table all related to this one is displayed, but I would like later delete from current view some tables I don't need to see and add some other currently not visible related tables for example of child table to current selected table.


      For example I clicked on DEPT table. Then on Model tab I clicked Copy to Data Modeler. I see this:

      Then Iets say I delete EMP table (with right mouse button: Delete Objects or with Delete View) and only DEPT table left. How can I show back all related tables to DEPT table If I "don't know" which tables are related?

      In MS SQL Server Management Studio you can for example simply create a new blank diagram from scratch, add a table from list, click with right mouse button on a table and select command Add Related Tables and all related tables to this selected table are added.


      How can I achive same here with Oracle SQL Developer or Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler? So the point is that I can visually explore how any table is related to others without that I would know from my head how they are actually related.


      And one more Q: As I wrote above I can delete existing table from diagram with Delete Objects or with Delete View command. What is actually diffrence between these two commands If I would save changes on exit from SQL Dev?