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    R12.2 Application related steps after database (only) refresh

    Prasenjit Ganguly

      Hussein Sawwan-Oracle


      We are having a EBS R12.2.3 instance running with us.

      We are planning to refresh the database. Our separate DBA team will refresh the database part separately (without using adcfgclone, they will use RMAN duplicate in the same rdbms oracle home).


      After the database refresh, what steps we need to do in the application level ?

      Please note we will not refresh any application components. (no adcfgclone appsTier run)

      Will the below steps enough for the application side configuration :


      1. Run setup clean

      2. Run autoconfig on all the db tier (2 node RAC)

      3. Run autoconfig on all apps nodes (2 nodeapps shared appl top)


      So my question is : If only running autoconfig on application tier will be enough (after setup clean after DB refresh), or we have to run adcfgclone in application tier?