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    Why does Oracle Fusion EBS use both ENABLED_FLAG and START_DATE_ACTIVE/END_DATE_ACTIVE in its database tables?


      A number of the Oracle EBS tables include the columns ENABLED_FLAG, START_DATE_ACTIVE, and END_DATE_ACTIVE which are used to determine whether the row is available in the application or not.


      For example to get a list of the current lookup codes from the FND_LOOKUP table I would run the following SQL query


      select lookup_code

      from fnd_lookups fl

      where and fl.enabled_flag = 'Y' and sysdate between nvl(fl.start_date_active,sysdate) and nvl(fl.end_date_active,sysdate)


      My question is why is there an ENABLED_FLAG given that the START_DATE_ACTIVE and END_DATE_ACTIVE appear to be sufficient to determine whether the row should be available in the application? Is there another purpose for ENABLED_FLAG which I'm not seeing?